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Book a demo and discover the benefits of laser welding

Discover the speed, simplicity and convenience of manual laser welding. We come to you and give you the opportunity to see our hand laser welding machine in action on your own production pieces. This gives you a clear picture of the actual areas of application and allows you to experience the benefits of this technique for yourself.

Our welding specialists will not only demonstrate the technical capabilities of the machine but also share the necessary safety information. Safety is always our top priority. During the demonstration, you also have the opportunity to try out the machine yourself under the supervision of our welding specialists and to experience the ease and finesse of laser welding yourself.

Opleidingsdag-BGA welding

Book a demo

Thank you for your request. We will contact you soon for an appointment. See you soon!

Laser welding has proven itself time and time again. Join a growing group of satisfied users!

Superior quality

Minimal distortion, precise weld seams, and excellent aesthetic results.

Fast production

Efficient manufacturing, minimal post-processing. Time savings and increased productivity.


Compatible with various materials. Suitable for diverse industries.

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