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Qualitative training & support for laser welding

After purchasing your MAX Photonics welding machine, you are in good hands with us. We offer extensive training and guidance, and guarantee service and support afterwards. This way you can always count on the best results and the highest return on your investment.

Training Laslassen door BGA Laser Welding

Thorough training & Expertise

BGA Laser Welding offers tailor-made training courses based on our years of experience, knowledge and know-how. Everything is discussed in a clear PowerPoint presentation, from the machine and its parts to safety, various applications and settings.

Overzichtelijke Powerpoint presentatie van BGA Laser welding

Get to know the machine with the help of our experts

After the presentation and all the questions that go with it, we will test the machine together with the customer in a safely equipped welding zone. Our experts are always ready to assist the customer in testing the machine. When the customer has mastered the parameters and the principle, he can get started independently.

Leer de laserlasmachine kennen

Quality research for the best settings and parameters

We offer quality testing for specific types of material destructive research such as macro tests for penetration depth. Together we look for the best settings and parameters to meet the quality requirements.

Herstellingen en R&D ondersteuning

Repairs and R&D support

Because we believe in offering complete welding solutions, BGA Laser Welding enjoys the support of a team of engineers at our German partner. These experts are specialized in repairs and R&D (Research & Development). Whether you need repairs or are looking for innovative developments, we  remain available for further support.

Demo Laser Welding

Maximize your welding performance with our expertise in handheld laser welding. Trusted by industry professionals, we strive for unparalleled precision and quality.

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