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Laser welding for the future: efficiency, precision, and durability.

Handheld or manual laser welding offers numerous advantages over traditional welding techniques such as arc welding. Instead of electric current, laser welding uses a focused beam of light to achieve high speeds and weld different materials without reworking.

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Advantages of handheld laser welding

With speeds up to 4 to 10 times faster than TIG or MIG/MAG welding, this technology significantly increases efficiency and reduces gas and electricity consumption. In addition, laser welding causes less discoloration and distortion in sensitive materials, due to the low heat input. Manual laser welding is also easy to learn, as the steady hand of the welder is no longer required and welding can be done with or without filler material.

Another great advantage of laser welding is the precision with which it is possible to make welds, even on the most complex surfaces and in the smallest of spaces. As a result, designs can be realized that were previously not possible with traditional welding techniques.

The power of the MAX Photonics New MA1 - Series

The MAX Photonics X1 w-1500 is a powerful laser welder with innovative functions and maximum performance. With a power of 1500W, this laser can weld at high speeds with minimal heat input and very accurate results. The laser is equipped with a fiber laser source and has a large working range. In addition, the advanced control system of the MAX Photonics X1 w-1500 offers maximum flexibility and control over the welding process.


This powerhouse is a reliable choice for anyone looking for the latest innovations in laser welding.

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Technical specifications

  • MA1-35/MA1-45/MA1-65

  • SINGLE MODE MAX laser source 800W/1200W/1500W

  • Weldable plate thicknesses up to 3.5mm/4.5mm/6.5mm

  • SMART wire feeder - fully controlled by MA1 interface with detailed parameters and high-quality finish - pulsed wire feeding possible - extremely handy 'quick connection' for the liner both on the gun and on the wire feeder - suitable for standard wire rolls 0.8 - 1.6 mm.

  • 4m teflon liner 'quick connection'

  • 7 inch touchscreen - extremely easy to set up

  • External safety circuit for additional safety and signaling 

  • Ergonomic laser gun (680gr) with extra safety sensor

  • Handy reel for fiber cable and safety cable

  • Conforms: CE inspection certificate

  • Phase change cooling system (liquid/vapor)

  • 220V extremely energy efficient (up to 80% less electricity consumption compared to traditional appliances)

  • Sturdy and robust design

  • Full monitoring and status indication (as well as on the laser gun)

  • New software with numerous presets and empty programs

  • Convenient and simple setting navigation (material type, thickness, weld seam type)

  • Different modes: CW, Pulse, Shooting/spot/strip

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Max Photonics handheld laser welding systems
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