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  • Single Mode Laser Source 800W - Standard weldable plate thicknesses 3.5mm
  • SMART Wirefeeder MAX - fully controlled with MA1 interface - Continuous and pulsed wire feeding - Easy click connector for 3m stainless steel spiral liner
  • 7 inch touchscreen - user-friendly interface
  • Ergonomic laser gun (680gr) with extra safety sensor + WIREFEED ON/OFF switch
  • Handy reel for fiber cable and safety cable
  • CE conformity + additional product analysis (Germany)
  • Phase change cooling system (liquid/vapor)
  • 220V extremely energy efficient (up to 80% less electricity consumption compared to traditional appliances)
  • Sturdy and robust design
  • Full monitoring and status indication (as well as on the laser gun)
  • New software with numerous presets (32) and empty programs (32)
  • Convenient and simple setting navigation (material type, thickness, weld seam type)
  • Different modes: CW, Pulse, Shooting/spot/strip



  • 800W Max Photonics SINGLE MODE fiber laser source. 

  • SMART Wirefeeder 0.8mm to 1.6mm - standard wire reel for 15kg and 5kg wire roll

  • Basic nozzle set (5pc + 5 protective glasses)

  • 6m fiber + F150 laser gun

  • Mountable reel

  • Anchoring laser gun

  • After-sales support




Max Photonics MA1-35

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